Castle of Meung’s Friends’ Association

Protecting the remains of the past to enlight the present and prepare for the future : that’s the association’s motto!

Located at the heart of the Loire Valley, the castle of Meung is a precious witness of our Past and History.

In order to learn more about the castle of Meung, we have to dive in its historical, sociological, and cultural roots, as well as in the area and inhabitants’ history.

Having a part in the castle’s influence, making it known, and encouraging visitors to visit it is an important part of the local economy and lifestyle.

Being part of the association is contributing to build a positive aspect of our environment and create a dynamic to preserve, maintain, and highlight it.

What is the castle of Meung, exactly?

  • 1 hectare of buildings
  • 7 hectares of parkland at the town’s heart.
  • 131 rooms
  • 42 fireplaces
  • 148 windows
  • 810 years of History

Becoming a member of the Association is helping to the castle’s restoration.

We trust you !

The President – Marc Leforestier

More information on the Association’s website