The Park

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7 hectares nestled downton offer ant walker the nostalgic souvenir of a splendor gone by…

If nothing remains of the French-style garden which adorned the terrace, some relics do remain of the English-style park created on the eve of the revolution. Under the foliage, the bed of “English-style” rivers can be made out; here and there, lanes of lindens disappear into the underbrush. The ghost of a refined pavilion can be perceived which once welcomed impromptu feasts given by Monsignor bishop and who only asks to come alive once again.

It only takes following the advice of the poet Dellile, to whom the castle of Meung’s park inspired these verses and allows oneself to get carried away:

” Did you thus know these invisible relations, Inanimate objects and sentient beings? Have you heard the water, the meadows, the woods The eloquent silence and the secret voice? “

Jardins (Gardens) – Jacques Delille (18th century)

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